Property Management

Land is generally a durable commodity and may have rights granted over it for as long as the land itself exists, or for limited periods of time, typically in the form of freehold or leasehold interests.

Both land and property are regarded as investment assets with characteristics similar to other investment forms. Property also has certain elements that distinguish it from other investments. Amongst these are its tangible nature (it can be touched and seen), its high initial cost, the high costs of transfer (sale and purchase), and that it is an illiquid investment form (it cannot be easily sold).

However one of the most significant distinguishing characteristics is that property requires management to generate an income, maintain its resources and to keep a watchful eye on that other distinguishing characteristic, that buildings and property are prone to deterioration and obsolescence.

The underlying aim of Gales Property Management is to maximise returns from land and property on behalf of their clients over a suitable time frame, and to maintain and to enhance the value of their assets.

This highly desirable outcome is achieved through robust property management systems, records and accounting, and by a thorough understanding of the commercial property investment market.

As a property owner and investor you will have made a significant cash outlay with the aim of receiving an acceptable return over an extended period of time. Property generally achieves this return through rental income and capital gain (subject to market conditions). The best returns are achieved through intelligent, attentive management.

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